DST-NRF CIMERA Bushveld Research Fellow

DST-NRF CIMERA is inviting applications for a suitably qualified geoscientist to conduct research work on the Bushveld Complex. For more details, please see below for more details

DST-NRF CIMERA is inviting applications for a Research Fellow to commence as soon as possible. A competitive salary is offered for this two-year position. This will include medical insurance.

The DST-NRF Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Integrated Mineral and Energy Resource Analysis (CIMERA) is co-hosted by the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and the successful candidate will be based in the Department of Geological Sciences at either UJ or Wits, located in close proximity to each other in Johannesburg.

A great deal of information has been gathered on the Bushveld Complex over the last century, including by DST-NRF CIMERA researchers in the last five years. For the next five years, it is important to engage in research that is scientifically innovative and of world-class standard, but at the same time be integrated with the interests of industry. The Research Fellow will therefore be required to liaise with industry and establish their own research programme, whilst also co-ordinating current DST-NRF CIMERA research on the Bushveld Complex and helping lead the way forward to a greater understanding of the Complex as a whole.

Current DST-NRF CIMERA research includes studies on chromitites, Upper Zone magnetitites, the Merensky Reef, the Platreef and the Waterberg project. A range of techniques are currently being used by various researchers in several partnering universities as well as at UJ and Wits, including petrological, geochemical, geophysical and isotopic studies. International collaborators bring additional aspects of study utilising equipment not available in South Africa.

The Research Fellow will have access to a range of equipment at UJ and Wits including SEM, EMPA, LA-ICP-MS and XRF, and a range of geophysical equipment and software, together with use of an ultra-clean isotope laboratory.

Applicants should have a PhD and preferably experience as a postdoctoral researcher. They should have had several years of active research on the Bushveld Complex and published papers on appropriate economic aspects of the Complex ideally with international collaboration. Experience using SEM and EMPA, or PGE by NiS fire assay with ICP-MS, would be an advantage.

Enquiries and applications should be submitted to Prof. Judith Kinnaird by 1st April 2019. judith.kinnaird@wits.a.c.za

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