The study of the origin, distribution and character of Earth mineral and fossil energy resource systems with the aim of ensuring their sustainable utilization not only in South Africa but Africa as a whole.

CIMERA’s Eight Focus Areas
1. Metallogenesis of Early Earth Mineral Resource Systems
Barberton Mountainland
Early Biomineralization Processes
Redox Sensitive Mineral Deposits and History of Free Oxygen
2. South Africa’s Three Superlative Mineral Resources
Witwatersrand Gold-Uranium
Northern Cape Iron and Kalahari Manganese
Bushveld Platinum and Chrome
3. Fossil Energy Resources of Sedimentary Basins
Coal Characterization
Methane Gas
4. Small Scale Mining Opportunities in South Africa
Iron, Manganese, Diamonds, Industrial Minerals
5. Critical Metals of the Future
Rare Earth Elements, Tellurium, Molybdenum, Cobalt,
Thallium, Lithium, Tungsten
6. New Bulk Mineral Resource Developments in Africa
Iron, Manganese and Aluminum Ores
7. Environmental and Medical Geology
Solving and Preventing Acid Mine Drainage
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage
8. Public Awareness and Education
Concentrate on steps required to create deeper public understanding of the need for an effective mineral resource industry in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

The research focus of CIMERA is especially relevant to South Africa because it represents the most valuable piece of mineral real estate in the world ranking top in resource concentrations of gold, chromium, manganese, fluorite, aluminosilicates, vanadium, zirconium and the platinum-group elements, in addition to hosting important world class deposits of iron, uranium, diamonds and coal.

However, it is also highly relevant to Africa as a whole because the continent is moving into a new era where the demand for utilization of its large resources of bulk commodities like iron, manganese and bauxite are rapidly rising, but sufficient knowledge to ensure long term economic viability of extraction is lacking.

Human Resource Training and Development
Supply of highly trained mineral and energy resource analysts to ensure sustained development of the scientific and economic sectors of mineral and energy resource industries in South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Information Brokerage
Making available important information that relates to mineral and energy resources to policy makers and the community in general, e.g.:
a) Information pertaining to mineral and fossil fuel deposits that could be applied by policy makers to define future strategies and assist them to make informed decisions on allocation of mineral rights and plan infrastructure development.
b) Information regarding mineral and fossil fuel deposits that could potentially attract foreign investments.
c) Information on mineral deposits and fossil fuel occurrences that are too small for large mining houses to be interested in them, but would be ideal for establishment of small mining operations by local communities. This would foster further development of the small-scale mining sector in South Africa.
d) Making documents available to the public about mineral and fossil fuel resources that would enlighten them to understand the need for utilization of the resources but to also make clear their possible environmental impacts and how these can be prevented or minimized through careful scientific evaluation.

To serve as a central hub for research and human resource development in mineral and energy resource analysis in Africa.

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