Geology for Society
Focus Area 9

Geology for Society encompasses many areas including geoscience education, geotourism, geoparks, geoheritage, geohazards and next-generation geoscientists. This focus area is intended to promote geology as a research and career opportunity to the next generation and explores how outreach can enhance geoscience to the general public in a positive and engaging way. Failure to do so will have dire consequences for industry that requires qualified and skilled geologists.

Geoscience education is highly developed internationally with geoscience education being a recognized research area, being included as a stand-alone subject area at the school level in many countries, and school learners and teachers participating annually in national and international geoeducation competitions.

The South African economy is still largely mineral resource-based and yet little or no recognition is given to geoscience education. Geotourism, geoparks, and geoheritage are slowly gaining recognition, but given the geological superlatives we have, more work is required to preserve our geoheritage and to promote the geological wonders of South Africa. This focus area exposes school learners, teachers and the community to geology in a fun, yet competitive environment, exposing them to the importance of geology to South Africa and the world.


Current Research:

  1. Rendering and utilization of three-dimensional models of critical geological outcrops
    Dr Matthew Huber