Associate Professor Michiel de Kock

University of Johannesburg
Contact details:
011 559 4707

Research keywords: Palaeomagnetism, Large Igneous Provinces


I am a paleomagnetist and stratigrapher. I am interested in approaching questions in Earth Science through (paleo- and rock-) magnetic methodology. I am particularly interested in Earth surface processes and global tectonics through time. I attempt to resolve the interplay between the Earth’s magnetic field, global tectonics, the biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere, and their relation to the origin of large mineral deposits through time. Recent work has focused on the mafic magmatic and LIP record of southern Africa. Although my focus is largely on the Precambrian, some Phanerozoic topics also sneak in from time to time.

Pertinent publications:

  • Djeutchou, C., De Kock, M.O., Wabo, H., Söderlund, U., Gaitan, C.E.G., Gumsley, A.P. (in press): Late Paleoproterozoic mafic magmatism and the Kalahari Craton during Columbia assembly. Geology
  • Humbert, F.*, Hofmann, A., De Kock, M.O., Agangi, A., Chou, Y-M., Mambane, P.W. (in press): A geochemical study of the Crown Formation and Bird Member lavas of the Mesoarchean Witwatersrand Supergroup, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology.
  • Wabo, H., De Kock, M.O., Beukes, N.J., Hedge, V.S. (in press): Paleomagnetism of the uppermost carbonate units of the Purana basins in Southern India: New demagnetization results from the Kaladgi and Bhima basins, Karnataka. Geological Magazine
  • De Kock, M.O., Wabo, H., Djeutchou, C., Luskin, C. (2021): Precambrian drift history and paleogeography of Kalahari. Chapter 12 in: Ancient Supercontinents and the Paleogeography of the Earth. Pesonen, L., Evans, D.A.D., Salminen, J., Elming, S.-Å., Veikkolainen, T. (Eds.), Elsevier, ISBN: 978-0-12-818533-9
  • Abubarke, A., De Kock, M.O. (2021): Magnetostratigraphic constraints for Early Permian rocks of the southwestern Karoo Basin, South Africa. Gondwana Research, 90, 220-240.
  • Mukhopadhyay, J., Armstrong, R.A., Gutzmer, J., De Kock, M.O., Beukes, N.J. (2021): Stratigraphy, depositional setting and SHRIMP U-Pb geochronology of the BIF-bearing Bailadila Group in the Bacheli Iron Ore Mining District, Bastar Craton, India. The Journal of Geology, 129(1), 115-130
  • Wabo, H., De Kock, M.O., Belyanin, G. (2020): A 2058 Ma paleopole for the Kaapvaal Craton: Implications for late Rhyacian plate motion and duration of the Bushveld Complex. Precambrian Research, 342, 105654.
  • De Kock, M.O., Monareng, B.F., Blignaut, L., Smith, A.J.B., Beukes, N.J. (2020): Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic saprolite developed in diabase intruding the Hotazel Formation in the Avontuur deposit of the Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology, 123(1), 1-18.
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