Professor Robert Bolhar

School of Geosciences, University of the Witwatersrand

Research keywords: Isotope and trace element geochemistry, geochronology, LA-ICPMS, Archaean geology

Robert is a geochemist, with 20 years of work experience in academia (5 years in the resource industry). His areas of expertise and interest, as documented in >60 peer-reviewed publications, encompass trace element and isotope geochemistry as archives of Archaean surface conditions, crust formation and evolution, geochronology and petrochronology using LA-ICPMS, and geochemical and isotopic fingerprinting of stone artifacts. Having been awarded two NRF-NEP grants (totaling 25 mill R) he established and directs the Wits Advanced Mass Spectrometry facility, consisting of two laser systems, quad-, SF-, collision cell MC-ICPMS instruments and a TIMS. Robert has supervised to completion seven PhD and MSc students and >20 honours students. He is a NRF-rated B2 scientist, a Fellow of the GSSA, a SACNASP-registered Professional Natural Scientist and member of the International Association of Geo-Analysts. He also serves in the editorial team of Chemical Geology.

Publications 2021

Wilson, A., & Bolhar, R. (2021). Olivine in komatiite records origin and travel from the deep upper mantle. Geology.

Bolhar, R. & Cawthorn, R. G.  (2021) Zircon geochronology and geochemistry of pre- Bushveld sills in the eastern Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa. South African Journal of Geology.

Bolhar, R., Hofmann, A. & Allen, C. M., Maas, R. (2021). Zircon chrono-chemical signatures from the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa: a record of magmatic crystallization, high-grade metamorphism and compositional alteration. South African Journal of Geology, 24(3), 761-782.

Maghdour-Mashhour, R., Hayes, B., Pang, K. N., Bolhar, R., Shabani, A. A. T., & Elahi-Janatmakan, F. (2021). Episodic subduction initiation triggered Jurassic magmatism in the Sanandaj–Sirjan zone, Iran. Lithos, 106189.

Tympel, J. F., Hergt, J. M., Maas, R., Woodhead, J. D., Greig, A., Bolhar, R., & Powell, R. (2021). Mantle-like HfNd isotope signatures in~ 3.5 Ga greenstones: No evidence for Hadean crust beneath the East Pilbara Craton. Chemical Geology, 576, 120273.

Le Bras, L. Y., Bolhar, R., Bam, L., Guy, B. M., Bybee, G. M., & Nex, P. A. (2021). Three-dimensional textural investigation of sulfide mineralisation from the Loolekop carbonatite–phoscorite polyphase intrusion in the Phalaborwa Igneous Complex (South Africa), with implications for ore-forming processes. Mineralogical Magazine, 1-18.

Ashwal, L. D., Ziegler, A., Glynn, S., Truebody, T., Bolhar, R. (2021). Sr-enriched glassy picrites from the Karoo Large Igneous Province are evolved, not primitive magmatic rocks. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 22(4), e2020GC009561.

Bolhar, R., Tappe, S., Wilson, A.H., Ireland, T., Avila, J. and Anhaeusser, C. (2021). A petrochronology window into near-surface fluid-rock interaction within Archaean ultramafic-mafic crust: Insights from the 3.25 Ga Stolzburg Complex, Barberton Greenstone Belt. Chemical Geology, 120130.

O’Sullivan, G.J.*, Thakurdin, Y., Bolhar, R., Horváth, P., Hoare, B.C. and Collerson, K.D., (2021) The Great Falls Tectonic Zone after the assembly of Laurentia: evidence for long-term tectonic stability from xenolith apatite. Lithos, 384-385, 105977.

Maghdour-Mashhour, R., Hayes, B., Bolhar, R., Ueckermann, H. (2021). Sill Intrusion into Pyroxenitic Mush and the Development of the Lower–Upper Critical Zone Boundary of the Bushveld Complex: Implications for the Origin of Stratiform Anorthosites and Chromitites in Layered Intrusions. Journal of Petrology, 62, egaa090.